What the TRUMP?
This website is dedicated to ridiculing the 45th President of the United States, or more specifically, the creature known as Demagogus Trumpus. Donald Trump is possibly the biggest mistake to find his way into the White House since Richard "I am not a Crook" Nixon, and Ronald "I don't remember shit" Reagan.

We will try to have as many anti-Trump memes as possible. We prefer to use only public domain images, so please let me know if you are an owner of copyrighted material on this site.
Beat the shit out of Trump's face with a kitten!
If I were Trump, I'd sue their asses off. But I'm no Trump!
Stop Hate Dump Trump
Fake Trump Tweet.com -- Make your own fake Trump Tweets!
Trump Simulator -- Keep Immigrants out, Super-Mario Style. 
Stop Trump -- Another arcade-style game